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SILVER: The silver package is for basic needs. I will find you the most suitable Paris apartment and efficiently assist you with the buying or rental procedure.


GOLD: The gold package consists of Sliver plus and additional Utility package. Bank account, children’s school inscription, electricity, gas , telephone, insurance contracts sign up.


PLATIMUM: This is the all-around optimal package! I will not only provide the Gold and Silver Package but also supply you with contacts in areas such as home renovation, architects, furniture supplying addresses.


DIAMOND : This is a separate project meant to make expats love their journey in Paris and neighborhoods , especially conceived for spouses and independent from the Silver Gold and Platinum programs.

It is not an easy task to uproot someone from the comfort of their home and even more challenging  is adding an accompanying spouse and children across the world.

Thanks to my personal experience of living and travelling in different countries the Diamond program will allow me to share with you the enriching and exciting experience of meeting new people and cultures.

How ? helping  you with the language barriers , making you discover the area you live in , introducing you to French cultural specificities, as well as advices in areas such as shopping, restaurants, gym or dance classes, language classes , nightlife, events, visits around Paris and last but not least and probably the most important, meet people and find friends.


 Make your transition as easy and stress-free as possible and help you to settle in and feel at home.

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